Char Development and Settlement Project-III (CDSP-III) DPHE Part

1Project Title:Char Development and Settlement Project-III(CDSP-III) DPHE Part
2a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division:Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division
 b)Executive Agency:Department of Public Health Engineering
3Objectives of the Project:i) To improve the economic and social standards of the people in the char area in a sustainable way.
   ii) To make safe and wholesome water available to the people of project area
   iii) To reduce diarrohea and other water borne disease by using safe water
   iii) To develop overall living standards of people by ensuring safe water supply and proper excreta disposal system
   iv) To adopt necessary step to achieve sustainable water supply and environmental sanitation management
4Project Period:July 2005 to June 2009
5Cost of the Project:GOB: 8.75, PA: 80.0 & RPA: 80.0 million taka
6Project Location:Baggerdona & Boyerchar of Noakhali and Laksmipur
7Main Components:Single pit latrines, Public toilet, Deep T/W, Development of community pond with arrangement of PSF, Rain Water Harvesting, Maintenance of CDSP 1st & 2nd phase, Caretaker training for tube wells maintenance, training software activities

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