Bangladesh Water Supply Program Project

1Project Title Bangladesh Water supply Program Project
2a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division:Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division
 b)Executive Agency:Department of Public Health Engineering
3Objectives of the Project:To contribute to Bangladesh's efforts to achieve the Millenium Development Goals in water supply and sanitation by 2015.Specially the project will pilot innovative measures to scale up the provision of safe water supply free from arsenic and pathogens in rural and small towns. This will take place by:
   i) Promoting rural piped water supply with private sector participation.
   ii) Promoting private sector participation in water supply in municipalities (pourashavas)
   iii) Implementing arsenic mitigation measures in arsenic affected villages.
   iv) supporting development of adequate regulations, monitoring, capacity building and training
   v) Supporting the development of local credit market for village piped water supply
   vi) Implementing a monitoring and evaluation system for the project
4Project Period:July 2004 to June 2009
5Cost of the Project:GOB: 3198.2, PA: 2320.00 & RPA: 1490.0 million taka
6Project Location:All over Bangladesh
7Main Components:Feasibility study, design & sub project proposal through private sponsors ,Construction works of RPWS system through private sponsor, Feasibility study in selected pourashavas through private operators, Construction works of PPWS involving pourashava and private operator, Pre feasibility study on urban sanitation system , Sub project preparation ,supervision and monitoring through support organization , Construction works of arsenic mitigation options involving SOs.

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