Rural water supply project through out the country

1Project Title:

Rural water supply project through out the country(5th phase)

2a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division:Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division
 b)Executive Agency:Department of Public Health Engineering
3Objectives of the Project:i)To reduce the incidence of diarrhoeal and other water borne diseases by supplying safe water to rural population
   ii) To increase the number of tube wells /water points to increase use of safe water for all domestic purposes.
   iii) To ensure community participation in the operation and maintenance of rural water supply
   iv) To increase water supply coverage in rural areas according to "national water & Sanitation Policy,1998"
   v) To maintain water supply facilities in the rural areas during and after natural calamities.
4Project Period:July 2004 to June 2010
5Cost of the Project:GOB: 3859.889 million taka
6Project Location:Whole Country
7Main Components:Test T/W, Shallow T/W, Tara T/W, Hand Shallow T/W, PSF, Ring Well, VSST/SST, Re sinking of Shallow T/W, Tara T/W replacement, Ring well rehabilitation, Rain Water Harvesting, Pilot schemes for supply of drinking water through pond sand filter with excavation or re excavation of pond.

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