Rajshahi City Water Supply (2nd Phase) Project –RDPP-1

1Project Title:

Rajshahi City Water Supply (2nd phase) Project RDPP-1

2a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division:Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division
 b)Executive Agency:Department of Public Health Engineering
3Objectives of the Project:i) To ensure safe,adequate and convenient water supply for Rajshahi city by renovation and development of water supply system.
   ii) To make the water supply system self sustained by improvement of management and institutional development.
4Project Period:July 2002 to June 2008
5Cost of the Project:GOB: 461.077 million taka
6Project Location:Rajshahi City
7Main Components:Land acquisition & Development , Test T/W,Production T/W, Pump installation, Regeneration of production T/W, Adding chlorinator to production T/W, Laying pipe line, Surface water treatment plant(5 lakh gallon/hour), Ground water treatment plant ( 400 cum/hour) etc

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