Bangladesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project

1 Project Title :

Bangladesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project

2 a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division :

Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division

  b)Executive Agency : Department of Public Health Engineering
3     Objectives of the Project     : i) Constracting piped water supply schemes in collaboration with private sponson, communities and local government under Partnership with Private Sector model in selected Union in those areas which were affected by mostly arsenic and salinity,
  ii) Constructing non-piped water supply options in selected high risk villages and unions in terms of arsenic, iron and salinity contamination
  iii) Piloting on promotion of quality sanitation facilities its proper O&M and hygiene practices in selected unions by strengthening the capacity of local private sector.
  vi) Capacity building of key stakeholders.
4 Project Period : July 2012 to December 2017
5 Cost of the Project : GOB: 132.446 million taka, PA: 3296.283 million taka, Comm: 412.49 million taka
6 Project Location :  33 Districts of the Country
7 Main Components : Water Quality Testing Monitoring and Surveillance,  Sanitation Pilot on Social Marketing Support to Local Entrepreneurs and Community plus fee for Microfinance Institute for operation of pilot,  Construction of Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes,  Installation of Safe Water Options in arsenic and saline affected areas,  Installation of Low Cost Latrine sets for poor and Ultrappr Characterization  and monitoring of safe ground water resources including observation wells, Rehabilitation of Existing Piped Water Supply Schemes Constructed under BWSSP.
8 Project Director :

 Mir Abdus Sahid, DPHE, Dhaka, Phone no - 02 - 8322438



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